Best Practices

Re-Accredited B+ by NAAC



The institution with a vision to foster all-round development of the wards has initiated several practices which help the students imbibe practical knowledge. Amongst different best practices incorporated by the institution campus radio and parents day celebration has proved to be immensely beneficial to the students as well as the other stakeholders of the institution.


Campus radio: The department of Journalism has taken up the initiative of conducting campus radio in the college. Every day during the lunch break a 15 minute news reel is read out using the public address system. The news bulletin consists of snippets about the current events happening around world as well as information related to the activities in the college. Two students are given the responsibility of composing and reading out the news bulletin in English and Kannada languages. Along with news the students also give out information about any significant days and convey birthday wishes, commend the achievers and pass on the academic related announcements.

Campus radio ensures that students are aware of the current events and stay updated about the issues happening around the world. It provides an opportunity for the students to practice news reading and inculcate practical skills. The campus radio has been successful in making the students take up newspaper reading which has proved to be helpful attending various academic events like quiz, seminars and literary fests. The major advantage gained by initiating campus radio is that the students remain occupied during the lunch break and stay tuned to listen to the news bulletin.

Parent’s day celebration: Along with the students parents are also an important part of the institutional setup. Its only with the active involvement and support of the parents the institution can prosper and scale greater heights. Along with organizing regular parents and teachers meeting the institution has initiated a novel idea of celebrating parent’s day annually. During this occasion a variety of events and competitions are organized exclusively for the parents. It is a day to celebrate parenthood and provide entertainment to the parents.

Parent’s day has helped in establishing strong bonds with the parents and establishes a trustworthy relationship. The institution has reaped immense benefits by organizing parent’s day as the word of mouth about the features about the institution spreads around which has improved the reputation of the institution. The parents get more involved in the progress of their wards and also pass on timely suggestion for the betterment of the institution.