Institutional distinctiveness

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Institutional distinctiveness – patronizing the growth of local culture and tradition

Cauvery College, Virajpet, erstwhile Kavery Women’s College, was established in the year 1980 under the aegis of Cauvery Education Society®, Gonikoppal with the motive of providing ‘education for all’. The college is nestled amidst 9.17 acres of serene and verdant area, which is distinctiveness in itself. Apart from the undulating natural landscape, the institution has traversed a fruitful journey in providing quality based education to the talented rural students from the past 38 years. The institution not only provides topnotch academic service but also assures that the all-round development of the students is fostered by involving them in various extracurricular activities.

As the college is nestled in a landlocked area, the institution ensures that the distinctive culture and tradition of this blessed land is patronized and encourages the students to imbibe the legacy of their forefathers by forming cultural troupes who are often invited to perform on different occasions all over the Karnataka and Kodagu.  Kodavas, the natives of Kodagu district have unique dance forms and also customs which are not being found anywhere else on the globe. The institution which bears the name of river Cauvery the lifeline of south India as well as presiding deity of the land, since its inception has been consciously putting in efforts to ensure that the exclusive tradition and culture of Kodagu is enriched and passed onto the next generation.

In the earlier days during the times of joint family the natives of the land used live a family house called ‘Ain Mane’ and the institution has built a model of this form of house in the campus to offer a glimpse of the bygone era and educate the youth about the past. Kodavas are nature worshippers and along with the nature they worship their ancestors, and in the institution all these traditions are given due respect which makes it a distinctive feature.

Another distinctive feature of the institution is the conducting of daily morning assembly, which is a rarity in higher education institution. Apart from singing the state and national anthems, important news from leading newspapers are read, the achievers are honored and special invitees from different fields deliver motivational address to the students. The erring students are ironed out in the assembly because of which the institution has been able to maintain high standard of discipline. The institution offers frees certificate courses for the students which can be of help in their future and help them secure additional qualification and also enhance their employment quotient.

The campus is symbol of religious harmony as students from diverse background are not only educated but are trained to be model citizens of the nation.