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Library and information Centre

Dr Muthamma A.R., M.L.I.Sc.,Ph.D



Our Library

The Library of this college aims at developing a comprehensive collection of materials in the various streams of the college like Humanities, Commerce and Management providing vital support to the teaching and development of the institution. The library has adopted computerized method to facilitate users to access the library resources. The library has a collection of more than twenty four thousand three  hundred books and subscribes to various electronic resources through institutional memberships. More than 6000+ e-journals and 30,35,000+ e-books can be accessed under the project entitled “National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for scholarly content (N-List)” of INFLIBNET centre, Ahmadabad.


  1. To provide services that facilitates the use of the Library to acquire knowledge.
  2. To provide information resources those adequately support the curriculum of the teaching needs of the student and faculties.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Every student who wishes to use the Library shall scan her identity card at the entrance.
  2. Books will be issued to the students on all the days of the week.
  3. Periodic changes regarding the rules and regulations of the library will be put up on the notice board.
  4. Students will strictly adhere to the instructions and procedure of applying for and returning of the library books.
  5. Sub-lending of library books whether in or out of college is strictly prohibited.

Types of resources

  1. Textbooks
  2. General Books
  3. Competitive books
  4. Regional books
  5. Journals
  6. Back Volumes
  7. Newspaper
  8. General Magazines
  9. Dictionaries
  10. Encyclopedias
  11. Newspaper Clippings
  12. Online Catalogue(OPAC)
  13. INFLIBNET N-List Project
  14. E-resources



  1. Access to 24441 printed Document
  2. Access to e-resources through NDL and Inflibnet Programme
  3. Using Bar-Code system for circulation Process
  4. Access to Audio/Video materials
  5. Internet Facilities
  6. Providing access to online catalogue
  7. Reprographic Facility
  8. Indexing and Abstracting facility
  9. Newspaper Clipping Facility
  10. Reference/referral service
  11. Book Bank Facility

Technological development:

  1. Automation of Library resources through easylib software.
  2. Using bar-coding system for circulation process.
  3. Automated house-keeping functions
  4. Using In/Out Mgt to track the user statistics.
  5. Inflibnet- n-list project to access to e- resources.

Library Statistics


Total No. of  Books 24302
Books purchased in the year 2020 158
Journals 18
Periodicals 43
e-Journals 6000+(n-list project)
e-books 30,35,000 (n-list project)

6,00,000 through NDL

Computers with internet facility 8
Photocopying machine 01
 Students Dissertation 64
Thesis 03




American Physical Society
Annual  Reviews
Blackwell Publishing
Cambridge University Press
Elsevier Science
Institute of Physics
Oxford University Press
Portland Press
Project Euclid
Project Muse
Royal Society of Chemistry
Springer Link


Taylor and Francis




SciFinder Scholar
Royal Society of Chemistry (6 Databases)
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