Cauvery College, Virajpet, erstwhile Kavery Women’s College, was established in the year 1980 under the aegis of Cauvery Education Society®, Gonikoppal, situated in Kodagu district of Karnataka. The college comprises of 9.17 acres of land. It is nestled amidst bountiful natural splendor of Western Ghats that stretch up to Kerala. The college takes its name after river Cauvery, the life-line of South India and the presiding deity of the natives of Kodagu.

Kodagu or Coorg, popularly known as the Scotland of India, boasts of breathtaking scenic beauty. The salubrious climate and peaceful social and political environment have rendered it the status of heaven, conducive for harmonious human settlement. Until recently the Election Commission of India considered Kodagu as a reserved constituency.

The visionaries of Cauvery Education Society® Late Sri.C.B.Muthanna, Late.Sri.C.P.Kushalappa, Late.Capt.M.N.Nanjappa and the members of the Governing Council had conceived the idea of a women’s college in Virajpet during the concluding decades of the 20th Century. The thought behind their dreams was to empower rural women through education, with a special thrust on socially and economically backward women. Consequently, the moot issue of higher education was taken up with much gusto and dedication. Despite the hurdles that sprang up in varied forms, financial constraints at its helm, the herculean odyssey of the college started in 1980 with B.A. and B.Com courses comprising of 54 students. However, an ever enthusiastic and dauntless spirit of the pioneers, that refused to succumb to minor setbacks, spearheaded a decisive and pivotal stride down the years. Hitherto, the college has left behind indelible mark on the sands of time, continuously progressing and continuously molding with the drift of time. In 2005 the college celebrated its Silver Jubilee with pride, having attained the pinnacle of excellence in imparting quality education. Keeping in pace with the changing global scenario, the college ventured on a phenomenal breakthrough with the induction of   co-education in 2008. The B.B.M course introduced in the academic year 2008-09 is yet another progressive measure adopted by the College to empower the rural youth to take on the challenges of the competitive Global world with confidence. 

It is heartening that after 35 years of its glorious march the college has carved an enviable niche for itself in the educational sphere of Coorg. Today it offers a spectacular sight to the onlookers and a splendid opportunity for the all-round growth of those who seek admission on its portals. The sprawling garden and Veeravana, a novelty garden established in honour of Kargil war heroes, offer a soothing welcome to the visitors. The statue of Goddess Cauvery at the main entrance infuses divinity into the serene, sublime and placid atmosphere of the college. The patriotic prayer chanted during the morning assembly by the students provides a perfect start to the day. Exemplary results, good infrastructural facilities, well furnished classrooms, office, staff- rooms for the faculty, fully computerized library funded by J.R.D.Tata trust, Mumbai, has broadband and exceedingly good number of books. Our College has large play grounds, auditorium, and separate block for Business Management funded by Late. Chonira.B.Muthamma, (the first lady ambassador of India) and Sri.C.B.Kariappa, multi-gym, girls’ hostel, canteen, parking space etc., all reflect the progress made by the college, all through its successful journey.

The remarkable achievements made by the college so far have been aptly adjudged by the NAAC Peer Team with its accreditation of the B grade in 2011. NAAC’s assessment paved the way for and gave boost to tremendous academic progress and provided impetus to move towards impeccable quality and integrity. An IQAC, comprising of three local nominees, is established as a post- accreditation measure.

 A progressive nation with the empowerment of rural youth being the motto, the college focuses on the all-round development of students. The supporting systems like sports, NCC and NSS strive to uphold the motto of the college. In the sports arena our students have soared to the zenith of fame. Zealous coaching and consistent efforts have helped students to perform exceptionally well at the University, State and National level events. The college has the credit of producing 30 basketball and 60 hockey University players. In the year 2011, 2012 and 2013 the college hosted the Mangalore University Inter-Collegiate Table-Tennis and Basket ball tournaments. The NCC Company, consisting of highly disciplined and dedicated officer and cadets, upholds the values of NCC. So far it has set a hallmark by producing 25 RD cadets. Likewise, the two NSS units aptly uphold the motto of service.

Extra – curricular activities are given special prominence to mold the young minds in the right direction. Debates and discussions which are an integral part of the curriculum are decisive in helping students to hone life skills. Various certificate courses offered by the college like Communicative English, Beautician, Photography, Fashion Designing, Computer-Basics, Bee-keeping etc, equip students with diversified abilities. The remedial classes conducted for the SC/ST and academically weak students have gone a long way in improving the overall performance of the students. The formation of various committees and associations has been instrumental in the promotion and establishment of quality. Various clubs and associations like nature club, placement cell, women’s cell, health club etc, have been contributing to the quality march through various programmes. On the whole the college successfully lives up to the quality visioned by the educationists throughout India.


  • A progressive nation by the empowerment of rural youth of hilly malnad region through education.
  • Rural youth inspired by great knowledge, with their mind transcending limitations and expanding in all directions.
  • A rural youth finding himself /herself in a wonderful world.
  • A youth discovering a new person in himself/ herself with the awakening of dormant forces, and talents.


    • Create and continuously improve, affordable, accessible and effective learning environment.
    • Train the rural youth to respond to the changing demands of the world.
    • Waken the human spirit and nurture qualities essential for success in the dynamic global arena.
    • Facilitate independent thinking.
    • Provide equal opportunities in curricular and extra-curricular activities.
    • Be open to change and enthusiastic about investigation and creativity.
    • Be with unity of purpose and diversity of outlook.
    • Enhance cultural and artistic heritage.
    • Improve the physical abilities to attain a strong mind in a strong body.
  • Develop sportsman spirit.